My New Migraine Treatment and How You Can Do This at Home

It’s Friday morning at 5am. I am WIDE AWAKE. Totally ready for the day. TOTALLY EXCITED for the day.

It’s the weirdest feeling.

You see, a half hour ago I woke up with a migraine, convinced I would spend my entire day sleeping this off. Sure that I overdid it this week. Committed to resting and recovering so that I can salvage my weekend.

If you’re a regular migraine sufferer, you understand exactly what I mean. The pain, the nausea, the unbearable length of time that a headache can knock you down: it’s all so unfortunately familiar. Migraines can stretch for days. They are stubborn. And really, really, annoyingly painful… did I mention that?

And yet - here I am - joyfully awake at what feels like an impossible hour - and I FEEL GREAT.

If you’re a night owl like me, you might be thinking “NOT ME”. And I couldn’t agree more.

My night owl self is not familiar with this feeling of being SO JOYFULLY AWAKE in the morning. I love staying up late and working through the night on whatever is calling my creative heart. Painting. Reading. Scrolling through social media. Listening to music and doing an extended yin sequence.

My night owl self LOVES staying up way too late, only to spend the morning hours lounging in bed, hitting snooze 17 times, and hiding in my comforter and warm socks until I’m running so far behind that I have no choice but to force myself up and out of bed, convincing myself that the first sip of coffee is delightful enough to want to get out of bed.

This feeling of joyfully awake right now makes ZERO SENSE.

And yet - here I am.

So… what’s my secret?



Earlier this year, on a not-so-small intuitive nudge, I sought out Reiki training for the entire team here at BTLY. As a rational person - with a lifetime of dedication to all things math, science, and a former career in engineering - no part of me is easily convinced that energy work is explainable or rational or real. I don’t really believe it.

And yet - here I was - at 5am in the morning, writhing in pain, committed to suffering all day, and I thought “what do I have to lose?”

So I pulled myself out of bed, drank some water, took my usual dose of Extra Strength Migraine medicine, drank some water, and made THE SMALLEST attempt at my laziest version of reiki on my temples.

And it flipping WORKED, you guys.

Not only did it clear my migraine in less than 5 minutes, it left me feeling SO GOOD and SO JOYFUL that I happily jumped out of bed to write this post.

HOW. WHY. These are the questions I wrestle with. Rational sense? None. Truth? 100%.

Yoga is like that. Energy work is like that. Reiki is like that. For me, it is not about the rational explanation (even if there is one). The real proof, for me, is always in the feeling I feel afterwards. Just like a great yoga class: you leave feeling FANTASTIC.

It’s that feeling, that good feeling, that fantastic feeling, that brings you back for more.

This month we’re launching a limited number of Reiki, One-on-one, and Private Sound appointments at the studio. We’re keeping it small on purpose, testing both how we want to approach it as a studio, letting this “beginning” be just that - a beginning.

In November, our studio mom, the beautiful light which is our dear Lucinda, my teacher and loving friend, is offering Reiki I and Reiki II training at the studio. If this is something you want to do for yourself, if this message resonated with you, if you are purely CURIOUS about it, please reach out to me or sign up today. Try it for yourself. You’ll never know if you never try.

You can also meet Lucinda at her two upcoming workshops: Living Colors Workshop TODAY - Friday 10/5 at 7pm - and Introduction to Chakras: Color, Meaning, and Yoga Poses on 11/9 at 7pm.

Have a fantastic day, friends!

Love and light,