daily • 60-75 MINUTES

Vinyasa yoga is movement with breath. It is progressive, fluid, challenging, and meant to help build, strengthen, and tone muscle in your body. Classes open with Sun Salutations A and B, followed by the Warrior Series, standing twists, standing balances, folds, and floor work. Classes may include beginning backbends, core work, and some stretching.

Vinyasa will train your body for Power Yoga and is a great compliment to Yin Yoga and Slow Flow. A class in Vinyasa will leave you feeling open, energized, and strong.

Vinyasa will leave you feeling energized, strong, and ready for whatever comes your way. 


Vinyasa Classes:

+ Vinyasa Yoga

+ Sunday Service

+ Vinyasa to Yin



daily • 60-75 MINUTES

Slow Flow Yoga is a practice that meets the style and concept of Vinyasa with the longer holds and release of Yin and Restorative Yoga. Classes open with breath and work into accessible movement with breath, some standing postures, stretching, and floor work.

Slow Flow Classes, which target increased flexibility and range of motion in the subtle body, are ideal for anyone looking to begin a yoga practice, or to advance a Vinyasa practice. 

Slow Flow is meant to aid in training your body for Vinyasa Yoga and for Yin Yoga. Slow Flow will leave you feeling open, light, and joyful.


Slow Flow Classes:

+ Slow Flow Yoga

+ Beginner Slow Flow


Yin Yoga

Wednesdays • 75 MINUTES

Yin yoga is based on the Taoist concept of yin and yang and the Chinese Medicinal concepts of Meridian centers. Yin is the stable, unmoving, hidden aspect; yang is the changing, moving, revealing aspect. In the body, the relatively stiff connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, fascia) are yin, while the more mobile and pliable muscles and blood are yang (this is what we work in Vinyasa + Power Yoga).

Yin works the six lower body meridians (liver, kidneys, urinary bladder, gall bladder, stomach, and spleen) through passive and long held postures, which turn on the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) and allow the body, mind and soul to expand, release, regulate, and restore.

A Yin yoga class usually consists of a series of long-held, passive floor poses that mainly work the lower part of the body - the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine. These areas are especially rich in connective tissues. The poses are held for 3-5 minutes. 

Yin is the class that you didn't know you needed, both for your body - which smooths out fascia, increases circulation and joint mobility, and improves flexibility - and your mind. Yin will advancing your yoga practice, bring more joy into your life, and leave you with an experience that will have you coming back for more. 

Yin is a great compliment to any yoga practice. No prior experience required. 


Yin Yoga Classes:

+ Yin Yoga

+ Vinyasa to Yin

+ Sunday Service

+ Restorative Yin w/ Reiki


Yoga Nidra

Mondays • 60 MINUTES

Yoga Nidra is the practice of yogic sleep where we relax and restore our bodies by relaxing our minds. In Yoga Nidra, we take the student through a sequence in which we progressively induce physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

You will enter a state of deep relaxation, landing in the beautiful place between sleep and wakefulness (or you might just fall asleep!).

This practice is wonderful for people dealing with stress, chronic illness, chronic pain, sleep issues, lack of energy, and the business of our daily lives. It is also a powerful meditative practice for students ready to dive deeper into their subconscious for self-reflection.


Yoga Nidra Classes:

+ mondays at 7:45pm

+ Special Events, including: Color Workshop



sundays • 90 MINUTES

Restorative Yin is a slow paced class comprised of floor poses designed to target and release the connective tissues in your body: tendons, fascia, and ligaments. The longer holds in each pose, along with the support of subtle music and reiki assists from staff, leave you feeling relaxed at a level you have never experienced before.

While physically accessible to everyone, Yin is considered an advanced yoga practice. It is unparalleled in the way it helps you to cultivate the awareness of your inner self while restoring and rejuvenating your body, mind, and spirit.  

This class is Julie's signature blend of physical assists, reiki and intuitive meditation. It is one of the most powerful and life-changing classes you will ever take. And it is absolutely what we all need more of in our lives: rest, reconnection, and a reminder that we are all truly filled with grace and light. 


restorative yin w/ reiki Classes:

+ Sundays at 6pm 



Thurs + Sundays • 60-75 MINUTES

Whether you are brand new to yoga or a well practiced yogi, Beginner Slow Flow will give you the foundations of each pose that we teach in practice. This class intentionally targets the core and spine, building stability and strength in your body.

You will learn how to build a pose from the ground up, how to modify postures for your own body, how to breathe and move with breath, and how to bring it all together in a fluid and calming practice.

We move slow and intentionally in this class, building off of each week, so that you get the time and the practice to feel confident and comfortable walking into any yoga class on our schedule.

Beginner Slow Flow is a great complement to any class on our schedule, as it breaks down each movement that we do in the faster classes, and it is a good starting point before taking Slow Flow or Meditation classes.


Slow Flow Classes:

+ Sundays at 11am

+ thursdays at 10:30am