Jamie Wilkinson


Meet Jamie

Ready to share some healing, stress relief, and love, Jamie is thrilled to bring Yoga Nidra to our community. Jamie came to Yoga Nidra somewhat accidentally on a solo retreat to Kripalu where she was seeking some peace and relief from chronic stress and illness. A daily practitioner, Jamie was inspired by the transformative power of Yoga Nidra for sleep and over-all wellness.

She took the plunge into teacher training and is bursting to share this practice with you. You will also find Jamie offering Reiki as a healing modality in restorative yoga classes and other workshops (because really, Reiki is amazing).

Jamie has been a resident of Maynard for 15 years. She is a mom, wife, and scientist by day, helping to clean up some of our grossly polluted landscapes. She is a lover of photography, flowers, mineralogy/crystals and the desert. She is inspired to help others on their journey to wellness, in whatever form that takes.


You can practice with Jamie during Monday Night Yoga Nidra (and we totally recommend you do!).