Kids Yoga


We believe kids can learn yoga

Here at Be the Love Yoga + Wellness, we believe kids can learn yoga.

It might not sound like a revolutionary idea, but if you look around the kids yoga industry, most kids yoga classes are primarily songs, games, and stories - and not much yoga.

Here we take a different approach: by teaching yoga poses, practicing pranyama (breath), and connecting it with meditation and mindfulness.


Kids Yoga (age 5-10)


Our Kids Yoga classes begin at age 5 or when children enter Kindergarten. In this class, strength, community, and self-expression are the framework for our young yogis.

Through strengthening yoga poses, visual meditations, and breathing techniques, children will explore yoga and mindfulness in a positive and welcoming space.

We will explore kindness, empathy, basic anatomy, and creativity - and have fun!

(Recommended Grades K-4 or ages 5-10)

Kids yoga CLASSES:

+ SAT 12:30pM

+ on-site kids classes available by appointment

About the Instructor: Katherine


Tween Yoga (age 8-13)

tuesdays • 60 MINUTES

Through poses, breakout activities, and conversation, Tween Yoga is designed to help preteens navigate their journey from childhood to teenager. This class gives tweens the tools they need to improve concentration, reduce stress, and explore their bodies and feelings in a fun and positive way.

These young yogis will challenge their bodies by practicing yoga postures for increased balance, flexibility and strength, and connect to their bodies while quieting their minds.

Tweens will also learn yogic principals and how yoga relates to everyday life. Through this learning, tweens can take their yoga practice off the mat, into their daily lives, and help them find ease in the face of today’s challenges.

(Recommended Grades 4-8 or ages 8-13)

Kids yoga CLASSES:

+ SAT 12:30pM

+ on-site Tween classes available by appointment

About the Instructor: Michelle



About our Fundraiser


Earlier this year, there was a need in our local public schools to help occupy children that had been displaced from their classrooms. On a whim, Julie cancelled her morning class and rushed to the school, yoga mats in hand.

For 3 straight hours (one water break), she taught yoga to every kindergartener in the Maynard Public School system. It was a joyous moment in a challenging time for our community.

The following week, she offered another free class at our studio for preschool and kindergarten age children.

In the subsequent months, Julie has volunteered in a dozen classrooms, at public libraries, at after school programs, and school vacation programs to offer free children’s yoga classes to kids and families that may not have access to it otherwise.

And the results have proven themselves.

Children rave about the classes, they feel pride and excitement in what their bodies can do, and they have learned that yoga can be as much of a challenge physically as it is with attention, breath, and stillness.


In an age where our children will be bombarded with media, fast-paced change, and a vary of social challenges that no other generation has faced before, we owe it to our children to do everything we can to provide them with the programming and support they need to be their best selves.

This fundraiser was set up to purchase equipment for 30 children’s yoga mats, along with some books and materials to support further learning.


>> WOW: With the generous support of our donors, we were able to reach our initial goal in just 6 hours!

Learn more about the Instructor: Julie Love Gagen

Our new goal is to raise enough money to expand our programming to include yoga for children with special needs, family yoga, and strengthen the knowledge base of our staff so we can continue to offer these classes to more children, communities, and schools.

If you feel inclined, we would totally appreciate the support in bringing more children’s yoga to the classroom… and we know the kids would appreciate it as well!