Meet Team Be the LOVE


this is an amazing story

When people ask me about the studio, I talk about the walls, the design, and how it's come together so seamlessly. I mention Will, the owner of Sanctuary, and I talk about the gorgeous old building our studio is located in. I might also mention the history of the place, this awesome little town and the business owners that inspired me to open this space, and how much fun it has been to bring it all together. 

But it isn't until I start to talk about this AMAZING team that my eyes light up, that I am visibly overjoyed, and words come rushing out about all of the happy coincidences that brought us together. All of the joyful surprises. All of the incredible DEDICATION and EXPERIENCE that has each and every one of our team members to our space. 

What is SO AMAZING about this team is that each and every one of them is absolutely unique. Each and every one of them has something different that they bring into their teaching. They LIVE yoga. They ARE yoga. They have been affected and changed for the better as a result of their practice and they live it each and every day on and off the mat. 

The team is amazing because each and every one of its members is the perfect complement and support to the others. And the classes and programs that they have come up with continue to blow me away. I am SO IMPRESSED. I am so humbled. I am so grateful to be a part of this place and to be able to bring them all together in one place. 

So all of that is to say, I hope you have a chance to meet and practice with every single one of them. To learn more about each of them, follow their picture to read their full bios and find out what and when they teach. And I CANNOT WAIT for you to meet them. :)