Meghan Kwartler

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Meghan Kwartler

Meghan has always loved helping people connect to their bodies. Once upon a time she was sure she would be a physical therapist, but chose a different professional path with information technology business process.

Meghan still remembers the sound of OM echo through the racketball room in her first class in 2003. She has been enchanted by mantra ever since.

Yoga was her sacred refuge during a health crisis. It helped Meghan through her unconventional journey to becoming a twin mom via surrogacy. She is forever grateful for her teacher who inspired her to deepen her study, and begin teacher training, in 2011 while living in the Pacific Northwest. Meghan completed her training in Anusara yoga in 2019.

She has also been blessed to immerse in meditation and study during her visits to Kripalu.

Anusara continues to be the yoga method that best honors Meghan's spirit with treasured community, her body with precise alignment and her heart with divine teachings. As a resident of Maynard she is honored by the opportunity to serve her community at Be the Love Yoga + Wellness.



  • Anusara teacher, trained with Karen Sprute-Francovic (2011) and Sara Davidson Flanders (2019)


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