Welcome to our BRAND NEW Full-Service Studio!!


Be the Love Yoga + Wellness is a NEW Full-Service Yoga Studio + Wellness Center in the heart of Downtown Maynard, Massachusetts. We have a full staff of yogis and regular practitioners, dedicated to the craft of teaching, exploring yoga, developing a strong practice, living yoga beyond the mat, and an awesome group of volunteer staff and desk support to offer open office hours and answer any questions you might have.

Be the Love Yoga + Wellness offers 30 classes a week in Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Beginner’s Yoga, Restorative Yin, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Reiki, and MORE. You can learn more about our classes, and read class descriptions here

We also have a perinatal program, kids yoga, teen yoga, and a wide variety of workshops that range from exploring yoga further, to getting to know yourself, to holistic health coaching, and more.

You can view our full class schedule here and our upcoming workshops here

If you are looking to grow your yoga practice, we offer private yoga instruction, small group classes, and wellness services, including Reiki, private meditation, and more. For more on setting up private appointments, contact us here


Our Wellness Shop

The studio also offers a small wellness shop with all of our favorite things, including:

+ Branded Tank Tops, Sweatshirts, and Long Sleeve Shirts

+ Yoga Pants

+ Sage, Crystals, Crystal Jewelry

+ Gorgeous Fair Trade, Artisan Made Jewelry + Bags

+ Handmade Body Care Products

+ Essential Oils



We Believe in Compassion and Care


At Be the LOVE, we believe in LOVING OURSELVES. Each and every day. Through sweat and determination. Through grit and deep rest. Through clarity and confidence. We love. Even when it's hard, we love. ESPECIALLY when it's hard, we give love.

Much like the practice of yoga, it takes patience, persistence, and deep compassion to get there. And it is SO WORTH IT, friend. YOU ARE SO WORTH IT. 

If you ask any member of our team, they will tell you their story of what brought them to this practice. These stories are filled with joy, hardship, curiosity, tenacity, determination, and deep love. And they are beautiful.


This place is where we write the story of this studio. We are brand new. And that makes it THE PERFECT TIME to connect with us. To help us create a restorative, caring, deeply loving space that is both inviting and challenging. A space that gives you the opportunity to treat your body with care and kindness. A place where you can contemplate and consider what you want most in life. A place to clear your mind and unwind from everyday life. A place where you can believe that what you want is possible. 


So join us. Practice with us. Connect with us. Let's create this place, OUR space: together




Who We Are

Friends, I am SO TREMENDOUSLY EXCITED to tell you that we have a growing team of AHH-MAZING Yoga Teachers that teach everything from Power Yoga, Vinyasa, to Yin, Meditation, and Restorative Yoga. In addition to our classes, we have a comprehensive team that you can connect with on a variety of different yoga styles. They are all SO GOOD at what they do. They are inspiring, they encourage us to do more, they make you want to come back again and again.

And that's exactly what we want. 

If you have any questions, or want to learn more about us, or just want to say "hello!" you can do so from our contact page. Click the link below and write a note!