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This is Where Your Practice Begins.

The brand-spanking new studio is perfectly curated for the calming, serene, and jaw-droppingly gorgeous space for you to grow and develop your yoga practice. The building - now named SANCTUARY - has a long and rich history in our small New England town. Constructed in 1853, nearly twenty years before the Town of Maynard was founded, the building was a meetinghouse where the original namesake Maynard family housed Sunday school.

It served as the town's Union Congregational Church until June 2017. 

Today this old building is undergoing renovations to be a gathering center once again, this time as an event space, food pantry, preschool, and our yoga and wellness studio. If you're looking for us and you see construction, know that you're in the RIGHT PLACE and - even better - that you're a part of the change that is a revival of a historic place in our town. 

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Join us today to experience this center for wellness. For restoring. For meditation, movement, breath, and challenge. A place where your mind and body work in union to transform. 

Because, truly, that is what transformation is: a soul-level shift to rediscover the part of you that you may have forgotten. To reconnect with yourself and let your inner light shine out into the world. A place where you can see and feel and be there, present for yourself as much as for everyone around you. A place to BREATHE. A place to center. A place to reconnect. 

Join us. Take classes with us.


Experience for yourself why we're so passionate about what we do.