1. Be the LOVE

Yoga. Wellness. Training.


Be the Love Yoga + Wellness is a full service Yoga Studio + Wellness Space located in the heart of downtown Maynard, Massachusetts. 

We offer a variety of daily classes, workshops, and events around yoga, wellness, self-care, and self-development, that help you transform from the inside out. 

We believe that every person deserves to be their best self

And we are here to help you make that happen.

Through compassion.






continued support.

always aspiring for more. 

and Never giving up.

We are here.

And we cannot wait to practice with you!

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We believe in strong bodies

Here at Be the Love, we believe you are meant to be strong. Strength in your body is important. It helps you realize your own personal power and your ability to be in charge of your own life. In an age where it is easy to feel lost in the mix, we empower you to to feel your own tremendous potential. 

Our Vinyasa Classes are intentionally designed to help build strength in your body, to challenge your focus, and to lead with breath.

We focus first and foremost on strengthening your core and protecting your spine. And we build on that strength by advancing your practice. 

We encourage you to keep seeking more. 


through our challenging physical practice, we empower you to realize your own potential.


With breath.

with focus.

with consistent practice.  

we believe in open bodies

Did you know the tremendous capacity your body has for holding tension? It's incredible how much we carry in our muscles and connective tissues. We see it every day - in our own bodies, and in practice. 

That is why we are committed to helping you open up with intentional, aligned, and beautifully orchestrated Slow Flow classes, that are meant to increase circulation, release tension, and open range of motion in your body. 

We invite you to open. 

We invite you to seek within. 


Through our deliciously opening Slow Flow, we invite you to open to possibility. 


With peace. 

With compassion. 

With dedication.



We believe in the journey

Our team includes some of the most down-to-earth, kind, caring, compassionate, and strong teachers around. They are here because of their love for the practice. They are here because yoga has changed them. They are here to share that experience with you. 

it is all a practice

What we love most of all, as a team and as a community, is that there is no end to this practice. Dedicated yogis spend a lifetime working to strengthed and contort their bodies into amazing shapes. We love admiring them. Because what they teach us most of all, is that there is always more to come. From practice. From dedication. From recognizing we are all beginning. 

Be a beginner here

If you are just beginning your journey with yoga, GREAT. COME HERE. Please. We love having beginners in our community. Beginners are perfect. You come fresh. Clean. Ready to receive. 

As teachers, we know how easy it is to fall in the trap of believing we "have it all figured out." We are shaped by the teachers we practice with. We are shaped by the experiences we have. What makes this practice so incredible, is being able to arrive open and ready to receive. There is so much to this practice. 

There is so much to this practice. 

So much that can't be expressed in words. So much that moves as we move. So much possibility in allowing ourselves to receive all that yoga has to offer. 


Ask a Question

Friend, we are SO EXCITED TO BE HERE. If you have any questions, comments, feedback or requests, please reach out! WE LOVE HEARING FROM YOU!