What to Expect

This page will give you more insight on what to expect in a class at our studio. It is being developed over time, so if you are looking for more specific answers, please reach out in our Contact page for more information and/or to answer specific questions about your circumstances. Please note that ALL BODIES and ALL PEOPLE of ALL RANGES OF ABILITIES are WELCOME IN OUR STUDIO.


we are all on our own journey

Please know that we, as teachers and practitioners, are ALL ON OUR OWN JOURNEY as well. We expect you to arrive exactly as you are. There is no judgement here. Our job is to support you as you are. And we will continue to show up and guide you in your practice every step of the way. 


you are welcome here

You do not need to be a master yogi or hyper-flexible to take a class with us. You do not need to do 100 at-home yoga practices before you come in the door.

That is EXACTLY WHY we have a beginner's class.

That is EXACTLY WHY we have this page right here. So that you know YOU ARE WELCOME HERE and WE CANNOT WAIT TO PRACTICE WITH YOU!


What to Expect: Our Classes


Vinyasa Yoga

Our Vinyasa Yoga is a physically challenging class that rivals something closer to Barre-meets-Cardio. It is meant to be the class that works large muscle groups, builds strength and tones your body to be strong, fluid, and open. 

In Vinyasa, you can expect to begin with centering, breath, and grounding. You can expect to open up with some light stretching before we begin sun salutations. You can expect longer holds in challenging poses, downward dog, and maybe even a flip dog.

Vinyasa includes combinations of the warrior series, standing balances, and folds. We also offer beginning arm balances and modifications in EVERY POSE so you can build your body up to meet the challenge of a vinyasa class with ease and grace. 

You do not need prior yoga experience to take Vinyasa. 


We also offer Heated Vinyasa (heated to 90 degrees) and Advancing Vinyasa (for advancing practitioners). 


Slow flow Yoga

Slow Flow Yoga is NOT easy. That is one of the most common phrases we say here at Be the Love. It is meant to be a class that is well paced to take time to get into a posture, to find adaptations, and to hold long enough to allow your body to build strength and engaged opening in a way no other style of yoga can offer. 

Slow Flow is ADAPTIVE. We use that word a lot around here. Adaptation is SO IMPORTANT. We all have different body needs, different skills and different limitations. No two bodies are alike. And even if they look alike, the way they perform in yoga is totally different.

In Slow Flow, you can expect to begin with opening breath. You can expect to move slowly through poses, to take time to adapt each and every pose to get exactly what your body needs in that pose, and to have plenty of support on how to use blocks, blankets, and straps to get the support you need to stretch, open, and strengthen your body. 

Slow Flow is more creative and varies week to week. Expect variety here. Expect each teacher to offer a different flavor or a different take on how and what they teach. Expect it to adapt week to week to target different areas of your body and take your practice to the next level. 


We also offer Beginner's Slow Flow


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is the practice of yogic sleep and is completely accessible to anyone in any form of physical condition. It is a form of meditation-meets-yoga that is truly unparalleled in any other practice. 

Class requires no physical movement. It is great for people with chronic illness, those who have trouble sleeping, or to help manage stress. 

Expect to lay on the ground in a supported, reclined position, and be guided through a sequence in which we progressively induce physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

You will enter a state of deep relaxation, landing in the beautiful place between sleep and wakefulness (or you might just fall asleep!).